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Maria’s Inspirations

First, check out my inspirational blog called “Maria’s Inspirations.” Here you will find articles to encourage you and help you on your journey. I love being a cheerleader and cheering people on. This blog will give you the push to keep striving and not give up.  (Maria’s Inspirations Page)


Open Roof Ministries

A few years back I was inspired to create a chronic pain group called “Open Roof Ministries.” It’s filled with messages that help when things get rough. When you deal with physical challenges it’s very easy to get discouraged. When you’re a caretaker it can be rough watching loved ones suffer. This is the place to help you understand what the other person feels, and it’s a place for you to heal too. You’re not alone, and I pray that these pieces will help you. (Open Roof Ministries)


Maria’s Fantastical Adventures

If these aren’t your cup of tea check out “Maria’s Fantastical Adventures”. It’s a prequel to the fantasy piece “Leviathian”. (Coming Out Soon)” Every couple of weeks I post part of this story. It’s filled with monsters, mysterious places, and interesting characters, and I know you’ll like it. (Maria’s Fantastical Adventures)


Food Bytes! with Maria Bakera

Do you like food? I began posting a blog called “Food Bytes! with Maria Bakera” about fun places to eat, enjoying snacks, and learning fun stuff about food. I believe that food is the greatest art form because all the senses are used: smell, taste, sight, touch, and sound. There’s nothing like the crackle of popcorn or the smell of barbeque. Every place is a new adventure! (Food Bytes! With Maria Bakera)


Make sure to check out my book “Thyme and Seasonings Volume One: Time to Make a Cake.” This volume is about figuring out who you are and what is your purpose. Books two and three will be coming soon. (Books Page)


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Have you ever been a beta reader, or would you like to be one? Would you like to write a review for my book? Fill out my form on our Contact Maria Page, and I’ll contact you. (Contact Maria Page)


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