Maria Bakera


Maria has been writing articles for 12 years.

She grew up in Florida and attended an art school.  She learned about acting, singing, and musical theatre.  Her love for the arts grew and Maria acted and sang in several kinds of venues from Masterworks Chorale to murder mysteries and radio.

When Maria gave her life to Christ it was a whole new adventure for her.  As much as she loved the arts she sensed God drawing her away from them.  For many years she wasn’t part of any performances and it was difficult for her.

During this time Maria’s relationship with God grew, and she began to realize that one day God would open the door for the arts.

After her divorce she moved to South Carolina with her son and family.  She started to learn stage lighting at Beach Church and began doing powerpoint for worship services.

It was years later that she sensed God sending her to Christ United Methodist Church.  Even though Maria was happy where she was going she sensed Jesus saying to her heart, “I have work for you to do.”

One of the first messages that Maria cowrote was with her summer group at Refuge.  She continued making powerpoint presentations for church services, and began becoming inspired to write articles.  Her work was posted on The Christian Pulse magazine website.

While Maria’s love for writing grew her body started hurting and swelling up.  She found out that she was dealing with a few medical issues that cause a lot of pain.  This news greatly affected her, and she questioned God’s love for her.

What would she do now with her life?  How will she raise her son?  Would she ever feel good again?  These questions gave birth to the “Thyme and Seasonings” book series.  Also, she was inspired by God to start a chronic pain group called “Open Roof Ministries.”

These journeys have taught Maria that even bad things can turn good.  There isn’t just one solution for something, and everyone has something special inside.

We’re all beautiful gems and when we get cut and polished we’ll sparkle!

As Maria states, “Hang in there, Stay Strong and Encouraged, and Keep Reaching for the Stars!”

Psalm 23

Psalm 27

Psalm 91