Thyme and Seasonings Volume One: Time to Make a Cake

We’ve just released our first volume of books called “Thyme and Seasonings,” and we’re very excited about it!


Have you ever been out of step with the way things are going in your life?

Does it ever feel like time stopped and you’re waiting for something to happen?

Thyme and Seasonings is a fun and witty book that will help gauge where you’re at in life!  You’ll learn a lot about yourself, and understand why some seasons, or let’s say Thyme and Seasonings, feel like you’re getting nowhere or even moving backwards.

God has placed you exactly where you need to be for a reason.  Sometimes it’s to help you see.  Sometimes it’s to protect you from something and/or yourself.  Also, Christ guides your path and warns you when you’re about to make a decision that you’d regret.  Other times Jesus is pushing you forward in a direction that’s uncomfortable for you and/or you don’t want to face.

None of these seasons are there to hurt us.  God is helping you discover and become the person He made you to be, and has given you tools along the way.

Recipes have steps, or let’s say, directions when cooking.  We need them to know how many ingredients, what supplies are needed, and when to put them together!

This book is a map for you filled with questions that will help you on your journey.  Everyone’s life is different.  It’s up to us, with God’s help and guidance, to figure out who we are, what we want to do, and how to make it happen!